Thursday, 6 March 2008

Something Hidden...

so, the first proposal that i got was from my friend Jemma. we were walking around south east london and she decided that it would be best if she sprung my proposal on me (i happened to have my camera on me at the time) "Something hidden"she said.. i kinda found that a bit difficult considering it was the middle of the night, so pretty much most things were...

i think that for me, working under pressure is a double edged sword, cause at first the thought of finding something worth photographing is frustrating, so i almost reject having to use my camera.. but after a bit, i decided not to take the brief literally... hence the front door i photographed.

The neighbourhood we were in was really picturesque and almost "Pleasantville like" on the surface, but im the kind of person who questions that kind of thing, so i get carried away in imagining these scenarios where people lead double lives behind closed doors... door to door salesman by day.... president of his local chapter of the "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club" by night... (you get the idea)

so in a long winded way, i guess its about the stories you create in your head... rather than what is directly presented to you.. so feel free to imagine the things that are hidden behind that door...maybe your version isnt far from the truth...?

I'm interested in making work that questions the nature of the image, the relationship between the real and the imagined, art and science. I draw inspiration from the use of light and the things that are left unsaid to create meaning. The process of creating the image is just as important as the final image in creating a dialogue where an image speaks volumes without having to say too much.